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Department of Ophthalmology

Eye, although a small part of the body is a highly specialized and evolved organ. And in similar spirit, there has been a great advancement in diagnosis and management of disorders of this little unit. 


Our Department of Ophthalmology is recognized in the region for the exemplary services offered to the patients. Manned by senior and experienced doctors and staff, it is undertaking advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques in cataract surgery, corneal transplantation surgery, glaucoma management, lacrimal surgery and retinal & vitreous surgery. The Department is well equipped with state of the art equipment. Operations are carried out in state of the art operation theaters with anti bacterial paint and flooring.


The Department has been a pioneer in the field of cataract surgery. Both standard techniques -  Phacoemulsification  and SICS (Small /incision Cataract Surgery ) are practised. Sutureless cataract surgery without injectable anaesthesia (anasthesia by eye drops) is also being conducted. The Department has state of the art Alcon(Infiniti) phacoemulsification machine for this purpose. The department aims for best quality care by aiming at best possible glass free distance and near vision after cataract surgery. Foldable lenses are available so that the incisions are as small as 1.8 mm. Also available are the Multifocal lenses are also used which make the patient able to visualize objects at near, intermediate and far away distances without the aid of spectacles. Children with cataract are also being operated here in routine. Nd: Yag Laser capsulotomy is available for treating capsule opacification.


The department is a pioneer in corneal transplant services. Inspired by our Guruji, who is the patron of our parent organization, millions have pledged for post mortem eye donation. This has resulted in a regular supply of cornea into our Eye Bank which has now to its credit, one of country’s largest number of corneal tissue being processed annually. The Eye Department has practically no waiting list for corneal recipients. The Eye Bank has state of the art equipment for this work including Laminar flow Hood and uses media to preserve these corneas. Speculor  Microscope Pachymetry and Topography equipment for evaluating corneal morphology aid in planning the management. In addition to the routine full thickness Penetrating keratoplasties, more advanced procedures like Lamellar Keratoplasties and DSAEK,DSEK are also carried out where indicated. State of the art treatment of keratoconus by C3R is available.


Evaluation and management (both with medicines and surgically) of Glaucoma is done with the help of high end equipment like Non Contact Tonometer, Tonopen, Fields testing, etc. YAG Laser PI is done as a part of its management where indicated. Children afflicted with glaucoma are also being treated in our department.  


Operative treatment of other Eye diseases like squint, ptosis, ectropion, entropion, orbital pathologies like tumors and cysts are also carried out by experienced surgeons.


Open and endoscopic DCR operations are carried out for obstructions in the lacrimal system.


Glaucoma services of our hospital offer early and effective management of glaucoma. The department is well equipped with latest machines and advanced diagnostic tests like automated perimetry, OCT which are required in the management of glaucoma. Glaucoma procedures like trabeculectomy, combined surgeries like cataract and trabeculectomy, surgeries for congenital glaucoma and ahmed glauma valve implantation are being conducted in the department.


Vitreoretina services at our hospital offers evaluative and therapeutic modalities. Green laser treatment for Diabetic retinopathy, vitrectomy and Retinal detachment surgery  are carried out where needed. ultrasound B - Scan is available to aid the diagnostic workup.


A high end latest generation completes Contoura Vision Lasik with wave Light Lasik machine setup has been installed in the department with the help of which unwanted glasses are removed safely. 


The OPD of our department is also well equipped which is a great aid in the evaluation of the patients. The equipment include Slit lamp, direct ophthalmoscope, Indirect Ophthalmoscope with 90D, Ophthalmic chair unit, Auto refractor, A scan, Keratometry, etc.


Community Services

The department has been very active in the field of Community eye care.

  •   It organizes various free Eye Camps every month through which thousands of free cataract surgeries are done annually.
  •   Eye Bank is the largest of the area. Corneal transplantation program with its minimum waiting list and subsidized treatment for the poor helps hundreds of needy patients every year.


Contoursa Vision Topography :- Guided LASIk

Those who are not eligible for LASIK Surgery, IOL Surgery also done here by very competence Eye Surgeon.