SSJSH Ambulance Facility


Contact No

01666-238659, 260223

Emergency No


Fax No


Email Address


Near Shah Satnam Ji Dham, Begu Road, Sirsa, Haryana - 125055. INDIA


I.      General OPD registration at Counter No. 3 (Near Gate No. 3)

II.     Emergency registration at Counter No. 2 (Near Gate No. 2)

III.   Prior appointment and VIP or Executive Health Check Up at Counter No. 1 (Near Gate No. 1)

IV.     Here at SSJSH Hospital we are courteous to all patients and their attendants.

V.  Depending upon the patient load, the number of registration counters can be increased (Specially during camps and special events at Dera Sacha Sauda.)


You can book your appointment with our doctor from anywhere by contacting us via Email:, or by call @ 01666-238659, 260222 or by visting appointment section.

OPD Timings

OPD timings are from 8:30 am – 1.00 pm and 2:00 pm - 5:30 pm


I.     Patients go to the respective registration counter as required and deposit the registration fee. The patient receives the OPD slip at the registration counter after submitting the charges.

II.    Patient with OPD slip goes to respective doctor for consultation in Consultants room.

III.  At the time of examining in the OPD, if the consulting doctor feels that the patient needs admission and treatment, he/she advises for admission on the OPD slip and patient gets admitted in the Inpatient Department after IPD registration.

Type Of Patients

  • VIP or Prior Appointment

  • General OPD

  • Emergency

  • Day Care(For a day treatment)

  • For Radio Diagnosis

  • For Laboratory services

  • For Blood Bank (Donor or for Issue)

  • Dressing or Minor OT

  • Referrals from Camp organized at Dera Sacha Sauda or at our Hospital

  • For Eye Bank

Location of Hospital

Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospital’s Infrastructure is a symbol of excellence & meritorious architecture of nation. Hospital is designed in such a way that diagnostic and treatment facilities are adjacent and are easily accessible without intermixing in the Inpatient area.


The entrance is barriers free entry with passage ramp, so that the wheel chair and the stretcher can easily pass through it.


Wide enough spacious ramp facility available with the hand rails attached to the side of the ramp, for physically challenged person and general utilities.

Help Desk

A Help Desk is present at every counter so patient or attendant can access with ease and avail requisite. Help Desk Person are well informed about the Hospital and good understanding of the Hospital.

Human Resource

  • For Registration Counter: One attendant for each registration counters provided.

  • For Consultation Room: One ward boy or Nursing attendant per Consultation room.

Waiting Area

  • The waiting area having adequate number of seats for Patients and their attendants and other amenities like drinking water and fan.

  • The waiting area having well furnished and western style separate toilets for males and females. Availability of toilet may be determined by the patient load of the OPD.

  • The waiting area consist Help desk & information board which clearly displays the name of the Consultants, specialization, Timing, Visiting Doctor’s schedule and also regarding services available in the hospital.

Consultation and Examination room

  • All consultation rooms clearly indicate

  • Room Number.

  • Name of the Consultant with their specialization.

  • The consultant room has been provided adequate space for examination table and other equipment required for examination.

  • We assure privacy to patients during examination. Curtains are provided near examination table.

  • The Consultation rooms have proper hand washing facility to include washbasin and Sterillium.

Some of the Areas to be attached to the OPD

  • Injection Room.

  • Dressing Room.

  • Drug Dispensary Room.

  • Pathological Laboratory Room.

  • Radiology Room.

  • Minor operation theatre.

  • Plaster Room.

In the OPD complex, signage is present which helps the patient to reach to the designated area