Critical Care Medicine (CCM) is a specialty that involves the management of patients with life threatening, medical and surgical illnesses in a specialized environment. The doctor in ICU is expert in the evaluation and management of these seriously ill patients.

These patients may have dysfunction of one or more organ systems, including the cardiac, pulmonary, neurologic, liver, kidney or gastrointestinal systems. In the ICU, life support is given to support the failing organ systems with the help of equipment and medications. Simultaneously, various investigations are carried out to diagnose the underlying disorder and to know the status of the various organ systems. Such treatment is continued with the purpose that gradually the failing systems will be restored towards normalcy and the patient will no longer require the life support systems. Then the patient may be dhifted to lower level of care area.

The department of Critical Care and at Shah Satnam Ji Speciality Hospitals is a leader in patient care in the region. Usually ICUs even in top rated hospitals are closed compact units CLUTTERED WITH EQUIPMENT  in which a conscious patient may get fear and phobia. Our ICU has a unique and spacious design with an optimal internal arrangement so that the conscious patient doesn’t feel much away from home and remains psychologically very positive and comfortable. There are about 20 beds under this department for care of such patients. All the beds are remote controlled, motorized microprocessor based which can be shaped in various ways according to the clinical need and comfort of the patient.   The beds are equipped with latest generation touch screen Philips MX 450 monitors for physiologic monitoring of the patient parameters which have been launched in the country for the first time. These are connected integrated with the Central Nursing Station monitoring system so that the doctors and staff can have a continuous look over all patients even when they are seated. The patient beds are totally motorized for enhanced patient comfort and care. Other  High end equipment for the critical care of these patients are latest generation models from the best companies of the world. These include the following

  • ICU Ventilators - to support breating in sick patients. These have all the routine and advanced modes necessary for the management of such patients. 
  • Hemodialysis machines – to give support to the patient with failing kidneys. Dialysis u=is possible at bedside itself 

  • Patient warming systems – help to maintain the body temperature of these fragile patients.

  • Fiberoptic bronchoscopy, Upper GI endoscopy, Colonoscopy are available to aid in the diagnosis.

  • Infusion pumps – for accurate deliver of drugs 

  • Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy, Ultrasonography and Echocardiography are housed in the ICU and are used routinely for both diagnostic and therapeutic purpose.

  • Advanced in house Laboratory is available which is a great help to know the correct functional status of the various organ systems. This greatly facilitates the diagnoses and management of sick patients. 

  • High end radiology department in the hospital, equipped with state of the art diagnostic equipment is another great assistance in the treatment of the patients in ICU.  

  • All the procedures necessary for management of sick patients in ICU are being performed routinely eg. Central line insertion, Tube thoracostomies, Arterial line placement, Advanced airway management, cardio version, TPN, Lumbar puncture, Abdominoscentesis, etc.

  • Patients may be brought to our ICU from other hospitals with the help of well equipped ambulances available 24x7 in the hospital.