BAPU MAGHAR SINGH INTERNATIONAL BLOOD BANK           Contact No. 01666-238687, M. 7056797701

of our hospital is a state of the art international level blood bank in which all the advanced technologies mentioned above are available. Because the blood bank is so large and advanced, patients from near and far areas of Haryana, Punjab and Rajasthan benefit from its services apart from the patients of Shah Satnam Ji Specialty Hospitals.

Although technology is important for efficient utilization and improving the quality of blood, it does not undermine the importance of the first and foremost requirement ie. the donor who donates the unit of blood on which all technology acts. By grace of Guruji, our Blood Bank is a world leader in this aspect as well. Inspired by Guruji, our parent organization Dera Sacha sauda has a million donor base. The followers regularly donate this precious commodity for the benefit of humanity and their motivation is to be seen to be believed. Because of availability of such huge donor base, our blood bank is unique in the world that no replacement is asked for in return of the blood components issued. Dera Sacha Sauda is also the largest blood donor agency for the Indian Armed Forces. This donor base has been nick named by Guruji as ‘True Blood Pump’ in resemblance to a Petrol Pump.  

Department activities include donor registration, physical examination, blood collection, blood grouping, and screening tests for transfusion transmissible infections, component preparation, pre-transfusion testing and issue. Blood Bank adopted to practice universal leucodepletion. Department is pioneer in initiating Nucleic Acid Testing (NAT) Screening to prevent blood borne infection transmission i.e. HCV, HBV, HIV1, HIV2.   We adhere to quality norms and focus on donor as well as recipient’s satisfaction.

The department runs round the clock and blood and its products are supplied as and when requested.



  • 100% voluntary donation, No Replacement.
  • 100% component servicer- RBC, PLC, FFP, Cryoprecipitate.
  •  Pediatric Bags are available for the little ones.
  •  NAT testing has been made available for the first time in Haryana (outside NCR) by fully  automated automated NAT testing COBAS Ampliprep/ COBAS- Taqman Analyser.
  •  Leucoreduced/Leucodepleted RBCs are available.