Department of Radiology

and its doctors are committed to provide high quality Radio-diagnosis services to our patients. With most advanced technology, safe and efficient environment that is enhanced by prominent programs in research and education. Radio-Diagnosis department facilitates imaging and interpretation services to all Indoor and Outdoor patients.

Shah Satnam Ji Specialty Hospitals’ Radio-Diagnosis Department is illustrious by one of the most advanced equipment of the time.  Department has privilege to perform all kind of diagnostic as well as interventional radiological procedures that  includes vascular and neurological interventional procedures are performed. Integrated radiologists and physicists system & they are working with skilled technician and nurses to coordinate imaging services with your medical care. 



128 Slice Computerized Tomography (CT Scan)

  • An advanced machine, so fast in processing with such high resolution images, it is a great diagnostic aid for the busy clinician. Scanning takes only few seconds, making it very friendly for the ailing patient. Scanning of any part of the body may be done, including angiographic studies of blood vessels of the body. Ability for MDCT Coronary Non-Invasive Angiography
  • This is an added advantage with such a high end piece of equipment. This test means study of arteries of the heart to check for any blockage. With this machine, this test can be done much less invasively and with much lesser risk as compared to the routine Coronary Angiography in which a catheter needs to be inserted into body’s arterial system.


1.5 Tesla 16 channel MRI  system

Being free from harmful ionizing radiation, the clinicians take its help without hesitation and reciprocally, this latest generation system giving images of life like clarity of sure comes to their help in clinching the diagnosis.

  • All standard and advanced MRI studies in form of Head, Neck, Abdomen, Musculoskeltal imaging, Whole Body MRI, MR angiography, MRCP are available


A. Procedures

  •          MDCT Coronary Non-Invasive Angiography
  •          Whole Body Angiography
  •          Head, Neck, Abdomen, Musculoskeltal imaging
  •          MR angiography
  •          MRCP
  •          UTG
  •          Color Doppler
  •          Follicular Studies
  •          Fibro Scan
  •          Breasts Tumor Screening
  •          Whole Body Bone Marrow Density Screening

B. Equipments

  •          128 Slice Computerized Tomography (CT Scan)
  •           Non-invasive Angiography
  •          1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  •          2D & 3D Ultrasonography
  •          Color Doppler
  •          Digital X-ray
  •          Mammogram
  •          Fluoroscopy
  •          Dexa Scan(Whole body BMD)
  •          OPG
  •          Portable X-ray
  •          Special Investigations
  •          Endoscopy
  •          Speedy communication and diagnosis