The Department of General Surgery

is a full fledged well equipped department providing a wide range of services. The department has senior surgeons from institutes of national repute. Apart from outpatient services, we are providing a wide spectrum of surgical procedures

Treatments and procedures performed in the Department of General Surgery include the following:


With the help of world class laparoscopy equipment, our experienced surgeons conduct basic and advanced laparoscopic procedures. Laparoscopy has allowed surgeons to perform the same procedures as in traditional open surgery, using small incisions (keyhole surgery) instead of large incisions. Major benefits of these surgeries are no large scars, reduced postoperative pain, reduced hospital stay, quicker return to normal physical activities and early return to work. Surgeries done by this minimally invasive technique include Lap cholecystectomy, Lap appendicectomy, Lap Hernia repair, Lap ovarian cystectomy, Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Lap assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy, Lap nephrectomy, Lap colorectal surgery



Hemithyroidectomy, Total thyroidectomy, Submandibular gland excision, Superficial parotidectomy, Total parotidectomy.


Excision biopsy of breast lump, Endoscopic breast lump excision, Breast lump incision biopsy, Wide local excision of breast lump, Wide local excision of breast lump + axillary clearance, Subcutaneous mastectomy, Modified Radical mastectomy, Simple mastectomy, Microdochectomy, Drainage of breast abscess.


Open & Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy, CBD Exploration, Distal pancreatectomy, Whipple’s operation, repair of duodenal ulcer, Laparoscopic Splenectomy, Ileostomy, Closure of ileostomy, Splenectomy, Closure of small bowel perforation,  Feeding jejunostomy, Hydatid cyst surgery, Appendicectomy.

Colon and Rectum

Right hemicolectomy, Subtotal colectomy, Seton revision, Colovesical fistula, Rectal biopsy, Hartman’s procedure, Thiersch Wiring for rectal prolapse, Anal fistula surgery, Lateral sphincterotomy, Abdomino-perineal resection, Caecostomy, Colostomy closure, Laparoscopic abdominal rectopexy, Ovarian cystectomy, Retroperitoneal mass,


Open inguinal mesh hernioplasty, Paediatric hernia surgery, Mesh repair of incisional hernia, Laparoscopic hernia repair


Abdominal hysterectomy, Vaginal Hysterectomy, Pelvic Floor Repair, Lap ovarian cystectomy, Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Lap assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy.


Nephrectomy, Nephrolithotomy, Pyelolithotomy, Ureterolithotomy, Orchidectomy, Orchidopexy for undescended testis, Circumcision, Hydrocele surgey, Pyeloplasty, Vasectomy.

Vascular and Lymphatics

Varicose vein surgery – Open and by Endo Laser (EVL)

Skin and Soft Tissue

Excision of lump, lipoma, sebaceous cyst, ganglion, wart. Incision biopsy, Excision biopsy, Incision & Drainage, Lymph node biopsy, excision of in growing toe nail, Excision of pilonidal sinus, Debridement of wound.