Emergency Department
By its name means that it can come to any person any time and usually when he is 
unprepared. Emergency department in our Hospital is there to help the patient in such a situation. 
Our experienced Doctors and staff are available 24 hours. State of the art equipment is available to support the dedicated manpower.   
Facilities and Equipment available 
  •  Central gas supply – Oxygen, air and vacuum
  •  High end Patient Monitoring Systems
  •  Adjustable wheeled patient beds
  •  Cardiac defibrillator
  •  Drugs and disposables for Emergancy Treatment
  •  Attached Emergency Operation theatre
  •  Attached Dressing & Plaster Room
  •  Portable X Ray facility
  •  24 hrs support services in form of Lab, Blood Bank, Dialysis, CT, MRI, ICU